National Service Week

Each year, Alpha Phi Omega chapters across the nation participate in a National Service Week. Each has a different theme, and chapters are challenged to organize service-oriented programming fitting the theme. Past themes have included making safer homes, literacy, and most recently, fighting diseases. The National Service Week emphasis for 2015 and 2016 is Literacy and Learning for all with the 2015 focus being Improving Literacy for Adults and the 2016 focus being Improving Literacy in Youth.

National Service Week Began in 1987 as National Service Day, and later expanded to National Service Week in 1997. It is held during the first full week of November.

The inaugural Delta Kappa National Service Week was held in Fall 2012. The theme was “fighting diseases,” and featured a blood drive, meditation session, and campus-wide health fair. Now, Delta Kappa hosts an on-campus Health Fair annually!

We now look forward to partaking in National Service Week projects every November!