Brothers volunteering at Winship 5K, Fall 2017

Brothers are initially drawn to Alpha Phi Omega for its dedication to service. The Delta Kappa Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega promotes an impactful  service program that seeks to provide service to the Emory campus, service to the greater Atlanta community, service to the fraternity brothers, and service to the nation as participating nations.. Each semester, we perform close to 70 service projects, while partnering with over 50 different organizations. In the 2014 calendar year, brothers completed 9,038 service hours! 18 brothers were awarded the Presidential Service Award in the year 2014.

Service to the Nation:

Delta Kappa serves at both national and international levels through projects such as Medshare, Red Cross Blood Drives, and Bone Marrow Drives. MedShare allows brothers to sort and package surplus medical supplies from manufacturers and hospitals in the US to send them to underserved clinics overseas. Delta Kappa also organizes blood and bone marrow drives. Many brothers donated blood in a drive following the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.

Service to the Community:

Delta Kappa brothers serve the Atlanta community through projects such as Pawsitive Outreach, Tree Atlanta, and Habitat for Humanity. These projects allow brothers to serve animal shelters, protect and promote Atlanta’s green space, and help provide housing for low-income families.

Service to the Campus:

Delta Kappa brothers frequently serve the Emory community. As part of National Service Week 2012, Delta Kappa planned a health fair to teach the Emory community about the different facets of health. The Delta Kappa health fair is now a tradition! Brothers also volunteer at the Schwartz Performing Arts Center, where they interact with the Emory community and supporting the local arts. Delta Kappa recently partnered with Sexual Assault Peer Advocates (SAPA), an on-campus group that offers regular training sessions to students so they too can become sexual assault peer advocates.

Service to the Fraternity:

In working towards the betterment of Delta Kappa, brothers frequently perform service to the fraternity by posting flyers around campus to advertise various Delta Kappa events, manning tables to promote and publicize the chapter, and attending Rush and Clue Week events to interact more with potential pledges and littles. In 2015, Delta Kappa held a Random Acts of Kindness month with the goal of doing nice things for brothers and non-brothers on the campus just to be nice!

Margaret Mead once said, “never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Alpha Phi Omega Delta Kappa fully embraces and embodies this mantra. This attitude is at the core of our brotherhood, our hearts, and our minds, and motivates us in all the service we do. It is this mindset that drives us, and that we will refer to in all endeavors moving forward.