Brothers at Regionals in Florida, Fall 2017

Through their service to others, Alpha Phi Omega brothers serve as leaders in their community. Brothers develop their leadership skills while fulfilling a need in the fraternity, on campus, in the community, and in our nation. Delta Kappa firmly believes that leadership development should begin on the first day of pledging. During their time in Alpha Phi Omega Delta Kappa Chapter, brothers and pledges have the opportunity to serve on a variety of executive boards and committees. They also have the opportunity to plan and execute a variety of fellowship and service projects, allowing the leadership tenet of APO to extend into the friendship and service aspects of APO as well. Brothers also take the initiative to work with other chapters in order to build brotherly camaraderie at other campuses across the nation. Delta Kappa also allows members to participate in more formal leadership development programs, including APO LEADS, APO IMPACT, Membership University, and the National Convention.

Delta Kappa’s dedication to leadership molds brothers and pledges into leaders in the Emory community. They go on to later become leaders on a national and international scale.