One of our families, the Decepticon's, after Revelation in Spring 2015.

One of our families, the Decepticon’s, after Revelation in Spring 2015.

During their Rush semester, newly inducted brothers are paired with a Big from a previous pledge class who offer their time, friendship, and Alpha Phi Omega knowledge and experiences. Bigs and Littles often cultivate close friends throughout their time at Emory through one on one hangouts and through bonding with their clans.

Delta Kappa’s many clans create smaller communities within a large, campus-wide fraternity. Clan hangouts occur throughout the semester, ranging from weekly clan lunches and dinners and movie nights to playing capture the flag on the Quad. Clans participate in Family Challenge, receiving points for wearing letters, spending time with their family members, and competing against other clans in events such as Iron Chef duels and Ultimate Frisbee tournaments.