Brothers enjoying our “Fine and Cheese Night Fellowship" in Spring 2015

Brothers enjoying our “Fine and Cheese Night Fellowship” in Spring 2015

Friendship is the key feature of Alpha Phi Omega that transforms it from an organization into a brotherhood. Though Delta Kappa brothers and pledges enjoy coming together for service, they have a stronger bond that extends into their daily lives. Their time in Delta Kappa is all-encompassing, and many report that they do not go a day without connecting to their brothers in some way.

Delta Kappa organizes weekly fellowships in order to facilitate the formation of brotherly bonds, with roughly 100 fellowships organized every semester. Fellowships allow brothers to come together for things such as meals, studying or grabbing coffee. Other notable fellowships include video game nights and dinners at Cox Hall.

Delta Kappa also periodically holds fellowship chapters in place of regular chapter meetings. Fellowship chapters allow brothers to come together for light-hearted, friendship-facilitating activities before returning to their studies.